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Why Didn't We Take That?!

Stephanie Sparkman -  May 19, 2016

We get a lot of consignments in on a daily basis. A lot. We have photos from a prospective consignor who wanted to know if we’d take her items. They are in like-new condition, they are size 8.5 (a very sought-after size), some were European purchases, others from Macy’s. So why didn’t we take all of the shoes pictured?

Many factors go into how to decide what items to take on consignment. We look at:

·   Condition: If they’re the latest and greatest Frye boots, but the heel has fallen off, we can’t take them. The less wear, the better.

·   Brand: If they’re from Sears, Target, Old Navy, and so on, we can’t compete with their prices, so it’s not worth the labor to input the item, tag the item, and have it take up valuable space for something else (Christian Louboutin or Stella McCartney, anyone?). Besides, the quality of some of those items is not good enough for our customers who come in looking for well-made, designer goods.

·   Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter: Are the items appropriate for the season?

·   Style: Is this something that has come onto the market in the last few years? Is it something that is sought-after? Have our customers been asking for this style? In other words, is it on-trend?

Let’s take a look at the three photos. Photo number one: The white slingback pumps are the only pair from this grouping that we could consign. They have a cute, cork platform and are open-toed; perfect for summer. Condition, perfect. The others have a square shape, toe prints in the sandal (yuck!), or the slides, which we don’t have much of a demand for anymore. Photo number two: We’d take the ankle boots starting in late August. The Baretraps are a cute style and in like-new condition, but the brand is not feasible for us. The others have a boxy quality, while the Nine West are clearly dated because of the material and style. Some may say, “But they’re classic!” – to us, that translates to: “They’re nothing special”. Photo number three shows some promise: Sesto Meucci-brand loafers (for the more conservative ladies) and really cute Tesori flats with zipper detail, not a classic (or boring) style.

We are the filters for your merchandise. We hope we’ve clarified what we take to help you in your clothing-sorting chore. We know it can be daunting. With your quick trip to consign with us, we hope this helps your experience be more efficient. And as always, if you’re unsure whether we’d take something, bring it by anyway. Happy consigning!

Consignment Photo OneConsignment Photo Two
Consignment Photo Three

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