Did you know? When you designate "donate" on your consignment forms, those items that have not sold during the 60-day consignment period are first moved to the $4.00 and $9.00 rack, where all proceeds benefit local women's charities. Any items not sold after that time are then donated to those charities - we currently donate to  Clackamas Women's ServicesRose Haven and Come Rest Awhile.


What this means to you: giving back in 2011. . .


  • $4.00 and $9.00 Rack Proceeds:
    • 2,542 items sold
    • $16,938.97 donated to Shepard's Door, Dove Lewis Emergency Hospital, Clackamas Women's Services and Come Rest Awhile.
  • Donated items - clothing\shoes donated to Clackamas Women's Services, Rose Haven and Come Rest Awhile:
    • 4,362 items

Congratulations on being a part of an amazing group of consigners who, with the power of their shopping dollars, can really make great things happen in our own community! Keep up the good work . . . continue to bring in those fabulous consignments.