Why we don’t accept replica handbags ...

You might be asking yourself: what’s so wrong with buying replica luxury designer brand handbags, purses and select accessories? Why does it even matter?

Replica handbags might be cost-effective to the purchaser but they are damaging not only to the fashion industry but to our society overall.

The frightening truth is that replica and counterfeit designer handbags and accessories have been linked to crimes such as terrorism, human trafficking, drug smuggling, and have been known to be manufactured with child labor. Counterfeit luxury goods not only ruin the reputation of brands, but also contribute to an unethical labor market.

Imagine if you will the low price replica Chanel handbag that you see at the mall kiosk. That bag may have been stitched by a child laborer, then the money used from the sale of it used to fund organized crime purchasing materials for attacks.  Imagine also, a person carrying that same replica mall kiosk “Chanel” bag, the strap breaks and the contents of the bag explode all over a rainy sidewalk. Bystanders on the street see this person struggling with getting their belongings back into the “Chanel” bag and are thinking that a Chanel bag must not be that well made and the investment isn't worth the cost if the bag could just break like that.

For peace of mind of knowing that you are initially purchasing an authentic luxury brands handbag is to purchase it from the brand's authentic brand boutique, a Chanel store for example or a licensed retailer, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Barneys, or Nordstrom.

At Consigning Women we do not accept replica handbags on consignment, because if we did, we would be at risk for a lawsuit from the brand. It is illegal to sell replica and counterfeit goods because the replicas infringe on the real brands' copyrights.

Shoppers have been coming to Consigning Women for 15 years to find the best and they continually return to see what is new. As a result, we have set high standards to ensure they find the quality designer items they crave. Consigning Women reserves the right to refuse listing an item on our website if it does not match our exceptionally rigorous standards.

When you consign and shop the Consigning Women designer label handbags, purses and select accessories you can expect that our team of experts has adequately authenticated all the items in the store, and are able to guarantee peace of mind that your investment in a piece is authentic.