Can I consign shoes and handbags?

Yes! They must be in excellent condition and cleaned both inside and out. What really sells are designer shoes and boots that are gently worn or out-of-the box never worn. Our selections have always been big sellers, especially when they include that little, original, cloth storage bag, so popular with well-made shoes (Cole Haan) and bags (Coach). Save them!

Can items I purchased be returned?

Because all sales are final, we do allow items to be taken home on 24-hour approval. Customers are allowed to take merchandise home overnight after leaving full payment. If the customer is unsatisfied with the item, and returns it the following business day, their check or credit card information will be returned to them. If Consigning Women doesn't hear from the customer by 5 p.m. the following day, their check will be cashed, or credit card charged.

Do you take clothing consignments at the Pearl Store?

Yes. Since the Pearl location is focused on handbags, any clothing items accepted for consignment will be transferred to the Lake Oswego location for the duration of their consignment. If you have items that that are to be returned, they will be available to be picked up at the store where you dropped them for consignment.

How Do I Check My Account Online?

Check your account here. Use the email address you used to set up your account in our store as your user name and password. After logging in, you may change your password. If you have problems logging in, please call the store where you consigned to verify the correct email address is on your account.

How do I know I'm purchasing authentic items?

It is our mission to combat counterfeit fashion so that you may shop with confidence. To ensure only genuine articles are in our stores, we use a professional authentication service, Authenticate First. You may also read more about our statement on "faux fashion" on our blog.

What happens to items I consign that don't sell?

Expired merchandise becomes the property of Consigning Women, and may be sold or donated. If you wish to reclaim your unsold items, you may do so during the designated dates on your contract. Please call us one day in advance so that we will have your items ready.

What if a clothing flaw is found after purchasing?

All sales at Consigning Women are final, but if a clothing flaw is found after your purchase, please bring it back within 24 hours for a store credit.

Who determines the price of items?

The consignor has the opportunity to price their belongings on the inventory sheet. However, the majority of consignors give us authority to price their items believing we know our market and therefore have the ability to determine the most appropriate price.