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  • Why Your Style Tells The World How You’re Feeling

    We’ve all heard the saying that when we dress our best, we feel our best. We've even experienced moments when we've worn something that made us feel incredibly confident, that we feel like we could take on the world. All of these sayings are not things that are just in your head, it's a fact that... View Post
  • The Greenest Product You Own Already Exists

    If you listen to the chatter, lately there is a lot of talk about changing to more eco-friendly products. Switching out to plant-based cleaning products, choosing not to use a plastic straw with our drink, bringing your reusable cup to the coffee shop, purchasing clothing second hand or buying ne... View Post
  • Earth Month: Why Buying Less And Choosing Well Is Better For The Environment Than Fast Fashion

    Are the clothes you are wearing, actual wearing out the world? The appeal of stocking up for the upcoming summer season with a brand new $5 t-shirt in every color might seem like an excellent idea for budget-conscious shoppers.  However, these $5 t-shirts are actually harming the environment, and... View Post