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  • Leonardo Da Vinci and the origins of our beloved handbag

    A recent CNN article about how Leonardo Da Vinci himself was an early imaginer of a modern essential   the handbag. Leonardo Da Vinci, who is known as probably the greatest genius of all time, also designed something very similar to the modern handbag. At that time, it is thought that Da Vinci wa... View Post
  • Summer vacation is HERE ... and it's time to pack!

    It’s that time of year, school is out, and the family vacations are about to happen. Are you a chronic over-packer of your suitcase? Are you about to embark on a 7-day beach vacation but you have 20 different outfits that you probably will not wear? With more and more travelers forfeiting checkin... View Post
  • Why Your Style Tells The World How You’re Feeling

    We’ve all heard the saying that when we dress our best, we feel our best. We've even experienced moments when we've worn something that made us feel incredibly confident, that we feel like we could take on the world. All of these sayings are not things that are just in your head, it's a fact that... View Post