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  • Second Hand September

    Each year as the sun sets sooner and the temperatures begin to fall, the calendar turns to September, and we start thinking of all of the new cozy fall items we need to go out and buy even though the temperature hasn’t dipped below 80 degrees in a while.   A few years ago, an incentive called Sec... View Post
  • Fall Fashion for over 40 . . .

    As the calendar gets closer to the end of August and ticks toward Labor Day, we begin to get excited for all things fall. From all the pumpkin spice flavored and scented items to swapping out our sandals for our boots.   We will discuss some of the fall 2021 trends that we have been seeing and ca... View Post
  • How to Dress in Extreme Heat

    When we hear in the weather report that the predicted temperatures will be extreme, as in around 90. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we do a few things; we head to the water. Pacific Northwesterners head to either the coast or a river for a day trip to beat the temperatures or attempt to book a we... View Post