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  • Four Common Misconceptions Of Sustainable Fashion

    Quitting fast fashion will take away jobs in developing countries. A common defense of fast fashion is that it provides jobs to garment workers. If everyone quit fast fashion at the same time, sure, it would be an economic disaster. But that’s an unrealistic scenario. It takes time to transform... View Post
  • 5 Tips On How To Transition To More Ethical Fashion Wardrobe

    First, what is Ethical Fashion?   Let’s start with some definitions so we’re all on the same page. Slow fashion “Slow Fashion is the deliberate choice to buy better-quality items less often. They’re environmentally and ethically conscious when purchases are made rather than trend-driven.” – digid... View Post
  • The Greenest Product You Own Already Exists

    If you listen to the chatter, lately there is a lot of talk about changing to more eco-friendly products. Switching out to plant-based cleaning products, choosing not to use a plastic straw with our drink, bringing your reusable cup to the coffee shop, purchasing clothing second hand or buying ne... View Post