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  • How to Dress in Extreme Heat

    When we hear in the weather report that the predicted temperatures will be extreme, as in around 90. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we do a few things; we head to the water. Pacific Northwesterners head to either the coast or a river for a day trip to beat the temperatures or attempt to book a we... View Post
  • Five Summer Essentials Pieces that can Transition to Fall

    In every wardrobe, there are a few key pieces from which you can build upon. Without them, you lack a solid foundation to mix and match, so you don’t fall victim to fast fashion and nonstop shopping. Outside of the obvious—we’ve rounded up five summer essentials to build the wardrobe foundation t... View Post
  • Why Jackie Kennedy's 70's Summer Capsule Wardrobe Is Now Our 2021 Summer Capsule Wardrobe

    Vogue Magazine has recently been showing up photo inspiration of celebrities, and their historic summer looks. The one article that has captivated us here at Consigning Women is the roundup of Jackie Kennedy’s fabulous summer fashions.   So many of the pieces that Jackie Kennedy wore during one ... View Post