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  • Wedding Guest Dress Season, What Do All The Categories Mean

    With 2020 and the majority of 2021 postponing weddings left and right, it seems EVERYONE is trying to squeeze their wedding into 2022. We get it, and no one besides a completely unprecedented pandemic is to blame, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that this summer and wedding season is abo... View Post
  • Return of the Caftan

    As we have officially launched into spring and as we begin to pack away our wool sweaters and rain gear, it’s time to begin thinking about spring and yes, even our summer outfits.  If our Pacific Northwest summer is going to be anything like last summer the less fabric that touches the skin the b... View Post
  • How to Dress in Extreme Heat

    When we hear in the weather report that the predicted temperatures will be extreme, as in around 90. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we do a few things; we head to the water. Pacific Northwesterners head to either the coast or a river for a day trip to beat the temperatures or attempt to book a we... View Post