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  • Slowdown in Fashion Production Has A Silver Lining For The Environment

    It might be difficult to imagine a silver lining in the upset of our daily routines, but the earth is grateful for this break. Shopping luxury consignment is not only good for your bank account, but it is also good for the health of our planet. The fashion industry is responsible for roughly 10% ... View Post
  • Social Distance Consignment Pickups

    We miss the chatter in our store. We miss welcoming consignors and customers. We miss watching the determination and the giddiness that comes across your face when you find something special on the racks. We miss you.   In this time where health and safety are the priority, we at Consigning Women... View Post
  • Tips For Dressing Your Best Even When Working From Home

    As a state, we are well on our way to figuring out how to work from home. A lot of people may think working from home is a dream. Honestly, it’s not for everyone; however, if you are still struggling to get into the work from the home groove, we have a few tips to offer.   Work From Home Tips: G... View Post