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  • Wear A Mask, But Make It Fashion

    We are now one full year into slowing the spread and while we haven’t been wearing masks as long, they are still important for our day-to-day foreseeable future.   In the beginning, there was a shortage of the blue tri-layer disposable mask but in recent months fashion icons and well-known brand... View Post
  • Crispness in the air means it's fall consigning time!

    There is a crispness in the morning air that suddenly alerts us that fall is approaching. While this year has been different than any other summer that we have experienced, we aren’t quite ready to let the weather go.   The weather might be changing, but that does not mean you need to put your su... View Post
  • Slowdown in Fashion Production Has A Silver Lining For The Environment

    It might be difficult to imagine a silver lining in the upset of our daily routines, but the earth is grateful for this break. Shopping luxury consignment is not only good for your bank account, but it is also good for the health of our planet. The fashion industry is responsible for roughly 10% ... View Post