Wear A Mask, But Make It Fashion

We are now one full year into slowing the spread and while we haven’t been wearing masks as long, they are still important for our day-to-day foreseeable future.


In the beginning, there was a shortage of the blue tri-layer disposable mask but in recent months fashion icons and well-known brands have begun designing more fashionable masks that allow us the opportunity to let our personalities show.


If you have been following around here for a while then you know at Consigning Women we are big advocates of recognizing that WHAT you wear, can directly impact the way you FEEL.  That how you dress is the ultimate nod to understanding yourself and identifying to the world WHO you are.


Masks are no different.  Right now we are given the opportunity to boldly ‘mask up’ in a way that allows us to fashionably connect with who we are while doing our part in also protecting our fellow humans.


Whether you like more an N95 style, a bolder print, verbiage, a defined nose or want to keep it simple and safe. There is a fashionable mask option out there for you. At the store in Lake Oswego, we have many different patterns of mask options to help you wear your feelings on your face and show the world who you are. Come in and check out our locally-made cotton masks in lovely patterns by MaskeradePDX.


Our Lake Oswego store is currently open 7 days a week from 11 am -5 pm and we are accepting your spring consignments.  We are looking for lightweight transitional sweaters, lightweight coats, skirts, and dresses.


Consigning Women is now accepting spring consignments and scheduling porch pickups. Porch PickUps make consignment SO easy, after you’ve cleaned out your closet give us a call to schedule your appointment ... FOR A LIMITED TIME, PORCH PICKUPS ARE FREE OF CHARGE!

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