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  • Holiday 2022 / Winter 2023 Dresses

    Fall winter dress trends 2022/23! Wondering what winter dresses are "In Style" for Holiday 2022?? Furthermore, what dress should you wear for a date, and what party dress will everyone wear for the first in-person holiday party in 2 years? Here we go- our recommendations for must-have holiday 202... View Post
  • 19 Years Of Consigning Women Plus Our Holiday Happenings

    November, more specifically Black Friday marks our 19th anniversary, and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate than with a 20% off sale! The number of people rallying around small businesses since 2020 and shifting their spending habits to support small and locally owned businesses have bee... View Post
  • Four Common Misconceptions Of Sustainable Fashion

    Quitting fast fashion will take away jobs in developing countries. A common defense of fast fashion is that it provides jobs to garment workers. If everyone quit fast fashion at the same time, sure, it would be an economic disaster. But that’s an unrealistic scenario. It takes time to transform... View Post