Holiday 2022 / Winter 2023 Dresses

Fall winter dress trends 2022/23! Wondering what winter dresses are "In Style" for Holiday 2022?? Furthermore, what dress should you wear for a date, and what party dress will everyone wear for the first in-person holiday party in 2 years?

Here we go- our recommendations for must-have holiday 2022 and winter 2023 dresses.


Mini Dress

Indeed, the most fashionable dress of the moment will also be the most fashionable dress for winter 2023.

Because we need more fun and joy in our life, perhaps to show off our new boots.

Either way, a mini dress is here to stay! Mini ruched dress, mini bodycon dress, mini dress with plunging V-neck (Y2K dress), mini tweed dress all these mini dresses will be trendy in winter 2022/23. Long-sleeve options in the mini silhouette will be perfect as the days get colder and you want to show off your boots.


Satin Dress

Remember to never underestimate the power of a simple design. A satin dress is a must-have for the holidays 2022 and the winter 2023.


You can also wear a satin dress in winter; add a layer underneath it. A Satin dress would also be a great choice for Thanksgiving dinner.


Velvet Dress

No doubt, dressing well gives an instant boost to the spirits. Whether it's something for the comfort of now or looking ahead to the new season, you will feel a lot better once you hang a new velvet dress in your wardrobe. There is so much on offer beyond the traditional winter basics of black and grey. As days go shorter, why not contemplate a more dazzling color?


Try to give an added kick to your look with an eclectic blue velvet dress. You can wear it during the day, too. It will pair well with a denim jacket.


In our opinion, a Velvet Dress is the best dress for the 2022 holiday party.


1920s Great Gatsby Style Dress

Now isn't the time to hold back; this is the party season we have all been waiting for.

Confidently face any black-tie event with an elegant 1920s dress – the most exquisite dress of the season.

We love the simplicity of neutral colorways for some timeless charm. Dance your night away in this drop-waist dress, or say I do in this pearl dress.

The 1920s Gatsby style dress is predicted to be the number 1 dress for winter 2023 weddings.


Little Black Dress (obviously)

Last but not least holiday 2022 dress trend is the little black dress. Surprised?  We believe that every capsule wardrobe needs to have a Little Black Dress.

We have a great selection of all-things holiday in stock right now . . . come by 11-5 7 days a week!


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