Bridgerton Fashion

Being home more means that we have been streaming more shows. Thankfully Netflix has been releasing one binge-worthy series after another. The latest attention-grabbing gem they have released for binging is Bridgerton. Set in the Regency Era of End, even if you are not into the storyline, you can not look away from the costumes and their impact on fashion.


Before you panic, rest assured—you do not need to do a complete Regency-era cosplay every day. I'm talking about smaller trends that can be worked into a modern-day wardrobe, from specific colors to embellished accents.


Did anyone notice that Daphne pretty much always wears blue? Did Featherington yellow finally make you start to like one half of Pantone's Color Of The Year, Illuminating? I know that I wasn't the only one envying the women's ornately embellished gowns and over-the-top accessories.


The trends I am suggesting incorporating into your wardrobe include puff sleeves, flowy dresses, floral prints, over the top jewelry, headbands, and even gloves.


Longingly Lace Gloves

Bringing back the glove trend in 2021 doesn't sound crazy with a pandemic and everything. Suppose you are one who is wearing gloves to do your grocery or any other in-person shopping. Bridgerton inspired gloves might be right up your alley. They are better for the environment because you can wash them and still make them fashionable.


Over-the-top-in-all-the-right-ways jewelry


We swooned over all the jewelry worn in Bridgerton, especially the dainty chokers and head-turning earrings. Over-the-top accessories are a great way to add an extra pop to your daily work from home outfits. Grab the attention of your Zoom colleagues as well as any duke or duchess at the grocery store.



Vibrant Floral Patterns

On the show, dresses that weren't embellished often featured vibrant floral patterns. Spring is coming, and nothing is saying you need to wear sweats day in and day out to work from home. A floral maxi is just as comfortable for answering emails from the dining room table.


With all of these new ideas for incorporating some Regency-era pieces into your wardrobe, we will begin accepting Spring consignments on February 1st. For more information on how we are running our consignment appointments these days, click here.


We will also be hosting our annual Super Bowl sale on Sunday, February 7th.