Second Hand September

Each year as the sun sets sooner and the temperatures begin to fall, the calendar turns to September, and we start thinking of all of the new cozy fall items we need to go out and buy even though the temperature hasn’t dipped below 80 degrees in a while.


A few years ago, an incentive called Second Hand September was created in England with the idea that for the 30 days of September, you would not purchase any new clothing. That whatever clothing you found yourself needing, you would buy from a secondhand store.


Why is Second Hand September So Important?

In short, taking 30 days out of 365 to focus on buying only secondhand items is crucial because we’re facing a climate crisis that fast fashion is one of the most significant contributors too. Clothes being produced at such an extreme volume and sold at such a low cost leaves a considerable carbon footprint in its path. Fast fashion alone is thought to produce as much as 92 million tonnes of waste each year.


What can we do to stop this destructive, never-ending cycle of buying and discarding?

Making purchases we aim to have for years and, you guessed it, buying secondhand.

When we buy secondhand:

  • we buy clothes already in circulation,
  • where resources have already been used
  • we also extend the lifespan of items
  • As well as decreasing the rate of clothing ending up in landfills.
  • Shopping second-hand ultimately decreases the carbon footprint of each item of clothing, and that can only be a good thing.



Not only are we at Consigning Women asking you to shop for “new” fall pieces via secondhand consignment stores we are also encouraging you to clear out your closets and bring us your fall pieces that are no longer serving you.


A few fall items that we are currently accepting:

Designer Denim




Loose Tops

Knee High Boots


Will you be joining us in taking the Second Hand September Pledge?