Spring Closet Cleaning is Here!

As we enter March, that only means that we’re getting so much closer to official spring here in the Pacific Northwest. I don’t know about you, but as the weather gets warmer, the sunset gets extended, and the longer I stay in the house, the stronger the urge gets to clean out my closets.


Here are a few tips to keep in mind when cleaning out your closets in the spring after one year of social distancing:


1.    If you cannot think of more than three settings where you could wear it, release it.

We all have that fancy dress or those crazy pants that we bought (probably because they were on clearance), but the tag is still on them, and we have never worn them. Time to release the clothes from your closet and into the consignment world. They are just taking up precious space in your wardrobe when someone else might wear them more than you ever did.


2.    If it doesn’t fit, let it go.

We all do it. We have our “fat pants” or “skinny pants” and everything in between. Unless you are seriously losing weight, pregnant, or know for SURE that you will need these clothes again SOON, get rid of them.


3.    If you have to spend time thinking about how to “make it work,” it’s time to find it a new home.

You know what types of clothing I am talking about! We sometimes have those shirts to add layers to make it look cute or that dress that needs a sweater and a scarf and the proper boots to make it look decent. If a particular item of clothing can only be paired with certain others in your eyes, it’s time to release it.

Our wardrobes should be filled with items that are easy to use and quick to throw on. If 2020 taught us anything about fashion, it was which wardrobe pieces were necessary for us to stick around.


4.    If it has a rip, stain, or hole (and you are not willing to fix it RIGHT THEN), toss it!

This one is one of the most burdensome closet cleaning rules! And it always happens to our favorite clothes. If something has a stain, it is time to throw it away.

If it has a rip or a hole, toss it as well (unless you will fix it right then). Please don’t fall into the mindset that you will fix it one day because we both know you will not.


5.    If it is something you do not feel confident and beautiful in it, send it on it’s way.

This is the best rule. Clothes are meant to help make you feel confident and beautiful. Do not fill your closet with sweatpants and oversized items so that you can blend into the crowd. Love yourself!

Find items that make you feel like you’re magnificent. It can be hard to get rid of all of our “comfort clothes,” but if they are gone, you are forced to wear clothes to help you feel better about yourself. You want your wardrobe to be something that helps show who you are as a person and show the world how much you love yourself.


At Consigning Women, we are big supporters of the capsule wardrobe, and clearing your closets each season can help you with this. Capsule wardrobes are great because when you open your closet, you face pieces that you genuinely love. When you open your closet door, you will know exactly what clothes are in there. With this knowledge, you can most likely put together an outfit in less than five minutes.

Knowing what to wear and getting ready -stress-free- in five minutes is possible, and one thing can help you achieve it: the year-round capsule wardrobe. Consigning Women is now accepting spring consignments and scheduling porch pickups. Porch PickUps make consignment SO easy ... FOR A LIMITED TIME, THERE IS NO CHARGE!


So start cleaning out your closets and schedule your porch pickup today!