Welcome to the resale industry, Nordstrom!

If you haven’t heard the news, Nordstrom is another major retailer that will begin selling used clothing this year.  

“Nordstrom said it would begin selling secondhand apparel online and in its New York flagship store, the latest attempt by the 119-year-old company to appeal to changing consumer tastes and capitalize on one of the few bright spots in retail. It joins Macy’s, JCPenney, Patagonia, Madewell, and others in carving out a place for used clothing, shoes, and handbags alongside new ones.” Seattle Times

It’s an incredible feeling as a consignment store owner to see large retailers recognizing that a consumer who purchases secondhand is not a different customer but is also the same customer who comes into their store.

With all of the chatter and consumers becoming more aware of sustainability by switching to plant-based cleaning chemicals and eco-friendly products, it is also time the fashion industry and retail recognize the part it plays in the cycle. The handful of retail giants who are pioneering a movement of selling used designer alongside new designer fashion is showing they do care as much as us independent consignment stores about the future of the fashion industry. And are willing to help figure out how to improve their carbon footprint.

The concept of new and old products offered in the same retail space should not be an issue that deters you from shopping with that retailer. Car lots have had this business model for years, and you probably have never thought twice about that when going to purchase a car. Similar to a car lot, Macy’s has their used clothing and accessories in its department of the store, and it sounds like Nordstrom is planning to sell secondhand items a similar way as well as online.

It must be said that I am looking forward to seeing what designer clothing and accessories finally make their way out of someone’s closet or the retailers’ inventory of returned or damaged goods and make their way back onto the market.


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